Hi! My name is Mario Depicolzuane. I’m a creative professional working in the fields of graphic design, art direction, photography and creative consulting. 

I had the privilege of working with companies such as Kinfolk, Sonos, West Elm, Menu, LG Electronics, TRNK and Ouur Collection, as well as a number of other diverse businesses and individuals.

I’m a founder of Studio8585 and CREATIVE.VOYAGE.

Formerly I worked as a Lead Designer and Art Director at Kinfolk and Senior Designer at Bunch. My work has been exhibited in London, Milan, Vienna, and Zagreb, as well as published in various international design publications.

I’m an avid learner, life enthusiast, ISTJ, decent cook, minimalist and unshakable optimist.  

Occasionally I’m making music and releasing it under the moniker of Dot White.

Currently, I’m living and working in Copenhagen. Check my now page to see what I’m focusing on at the moment.


About the blog

This blog is a space where I share things I’m curious about.

It’s about observing and thinking, but also about doing and sharing. I spend way to much time in what Phil Stutz and Barry Michels call Thinking Space, versus operating in a more beneficial Work Space. In short, doing things is what matters, and this blog is one of my attempts to spend more time in the work space and do more.

Inspired by Seth Godin, an avid advocate of daily blogging, and Michael Beirut’s The 100 Days ProjectI’ve given myself the challenge to publish a blog post every single day for 100 days straight. I have no rules on what to post. It can be a long how-to article, a repost of something I find inspirational, a short reflection on a quote, or a visual essay. But I have to post something and stand by it. It’s about the practice, the habit of doing it in public, and about scratching my own itch. After those 100 posts, I’ll assess how I feel about it and how to proceed.

Thank you for reading!

Mario Depicolzuane