Accepting oneself

It’s my birthday today. 

Thirty-three years are behind me. 

With each passing year, besides meaningful contribution and personal growth, I find acceptance of oneself increasingly important.

We can never be perfect, and while it can be beneficial to strive for that grand benchmark, we equally need healthy self-love. It’s the crucial element in our pursuit of meaning and well-being.

Accept the fact that you are accepted, despite the fact that you are unacceptable.

Paul Tillich

Author and Jungian analyst James Hollis further explains wonderfully: “All of us feel shamed by life. All of us consider ourselves failures of some kind, screw ups in something really important to us. Notice how shame, consciously or unconsciously pulls us away from risk, ratifies our negative sense of worth through self-sabotage or compels us into frenetic efforts of overcompensation or yearning for the validation from others that never comes; how much each of us needs to remember one definition of grace as accepting the fact that we are accepted despite the fact that we are unacceptable”.

P.S. Thank you, everyone, who sent me the warm wishes <3

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