Act first

Most communication needs an initiator.

If we are blessed with enough self-awareness to be conscious that something should be said, started, or supported, we must act first.

Saying hello to a stranger.

Initiating a much needed difficult conversation with our partner.

Asking for honest feedback on our work.

Unfortunately, we often pace ourselves and wait for the other party to do that. While that can be useful in some cases, it’s mostly an unnecessary form of hiding, in the name of pride, caution, or some other excuse.

I think it’s safe to assume that the other party might be controlled by fear or shame, or not even aware that some action would be preferred. So, if we are aware of it, it’s on us. I believe it’s our responsibility to act first.

Embracing that provides a subtle change in posture which can help instigate more connection, and we all crave that.

Let’s act first.

Assorted links 08.02.2018

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5 tactics I use to do the work when I don’t feel like it