All in Random

A memento of another missed opportunity

I’ve been waiting for this opportunity.

But I’m stuck.

I’m talking myself into action, but I can’t move. Apparently, this is not enough. Or, maybe it’s is, but the knot of my limited beliefs is so intricate, that it will take some additional time and work to disentangle just a part of it.

However, that bit of agency gives me hope and strength to try again. To be persistent.

I have to transcend my internal stories and integrate the lessons. I will. Soon.

That would be the seizing of the opportunity.

But this is not about you, the opportunity seized. This is a memento of another missed opportunity. I apologize I did not take you. Regrettably, you’ve just been one of those who makes up the process. The important but ultimately forgotten one on this path.

Missed opportunity, thank you.