Dear Client by Bonnie Siegler

“What would you like your clients to know before they contact you?

As Bonnie Siegler writes in the introduction to her new book, Dear Client, This Book Will Teach You How To Get What You Want From Creative People. Sincerely, Bonnie Siegler, “Ironically, there are many books for designers about how we can better work with clients, which are useful. Most of us want to understand you, so we can improve the process. But, as far as I know, there are no books to help clients better work with creative people, who are a unique species with a unique language and not-so-unique insecurities.”

With chapters titled The Thing About Creatives, Care About Every Audience, Introduce Everyone At The Meeting, Nothing Takes A Second, Don’t Ask To Sit With Us While We Make Changes, and Why Focus Groups Suck, Bonnie walks the potential client through what the creative industry wants from the relationship. Below is her introduction, reprinted with permission from the author and publisher.” 

— The Editors

I especially liked the following paragraph from the Design Observer article.

“But you need us as much as we need you. The creative process is not just a matter of giving an assignment and getting a result. There are many phases. Every aspect of the journey needs care and attention. And any collaboration is only as good as the relationships, which take work. I realized long ago that my difficult clients weren’t assholes or jerks or stupid. They simply don’t know how to work with creative people, and that disconnect consistently leads to frustrations.”

Bonnie Siegler

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BIEPA: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris

BIEPA: Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris