Estonia to launch a digital nomad visa

Via Quartzy

‘The way workers cross borders is at a crossroads. For Donald Trump, American jobs for American workers are paramount. Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May believes that so-called “citizens of the world” are really citizens of nowhere. And then there’s Estonia, the 100 year old Northern European nation who believes the future of work (and citizenship) is remote, distributed, and digital.’

‘“In terms of the future of work we are all navigating, there is no policy to support the new ways of working,” Hindriks said. “A digital nomad visa represents a breakthrough in the way governments support today’s mobile workforce.”’

‘Visa-wise, nomads generally have few choices to enjoy this location-fluid lifestyle completely legally—unless they want to wade into a lot of admin.’

‘“I can’t predict the future but my gut feeling is that one thing is clear,” Hindriks said. “There is a talent shortage in most of the countries in the world and the countries who will excel economically in the future are the ones who are adapting to this. The ones who figure out how to bring people in, instead of building walls.”’

‘While the move may seem counter to the nationalist rhetoric we see coming from the US and parts of Europe, Hindriks thinks the movement for more open borders and skills-over-passports is still strong, and that she is hearing similar conversations in countries like Singapore.’

If any of this intrigues you, do read the whole thing.

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I fucked up

I fucked up