Ideas for the modern world of work by Seth Godin

A manifesto by Seth Godin, as a part of his educational venture altMBA.

  1. You are more powerful than you think.
  2. It’s bigger than you.
  3. Leaders are made, not born.
  4. Leveling up is a choice.
  5. They say you can’t, we know you can.
  6. Dance with fear.
  7. See, assert, change.
  8. Overwhelmed is temporary.
  9. Out loud, in public.
  10. Hard work is far better than busy work. The crowd is wrong. The critics are wrong. Useful feedback is precious.
  11. Management matters. So does leadership.
  12. “Here, I made this.” Or possibly, “Here, we made this.”
  13. See the end before you begin the journey.
  14. Culture defeats everything.
  15. It’s personal.

This list is just a summary. Do yourself a favor, click here, and read the complete manifesto, it’s a gem.

P.S. I’m rereading this manifesto at the beginning of every month. I want to remind myself of those ideas and make them integral to the way I do my work.

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What would this look like if it were simple and fun?

What would this look like if it were simple and fun?