Jasmine Friedl: Collaboration Beats Autonomy

As an introvert (or ambivert, according to some tests) and someone sees himself as an individual who works well alone, I often avoid collaborative work. Due to specific project’s circumstances, in some cases that is plausible. I’m curious if in other cases I’m missing out toward an improved creative process and production of a better outcome. It’s hard to find that balance and make that work with all the creative and logistical limitations. However, as someone who tends to go down the path of the lone wolf, experimenting with a more collaborative approach seems like a reasonable challenge.

A Medium post by Jasmine Friedl, titled To Grow as a Designer: Collaboration Beats Autonomy, addresses this issue in a concise an insightful manner. Following are some of the highlights.

The best design work is never done by any one person alone, but instead is built from collaborative processes. 

You might not necessarily see collaboration as a bad thing; you might simply prefer working in isolation because collaboration can be hard and time consuming. There are a few key assumptions that serve as arguments for autonomy.
Assumption 1: You already know what people are going to say
Assumption 2: You don’t have enough time to bring people in
Assumption 3: You’re ready to go it alone

Collaboration keeps us accountable to designing something for others instead of for ourselves and raises the quality of our output. It ultimately helps us in our pursuit of empathy.

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