The Nerdwriter

The Nerdwriter is one of my favorite YouTube channels.

As described by its founder Evan Puschak, The Nerdwriter is a weekly YouTube series that puts ideas to work in the form of 5–10-minute video essays.

The show covers a variety of subjects: film, politics, music, painting, poetry, culture, sociological concepts and more. 

As Evan stated on his Patreon page: “I’d get bored sticking to one thing. I believe life is moral, psychological, artistic, scientific, and that what is worth knowing is worth entwining into a web, or a worldview. If I’ve made a video about something, it’s because I wanted to learn more about it. An organizing philosophy of the show is that we learn by saying. I learn best by making videos.”

Here’s a couple of my favorite videos.

Drake's Feel No Ways Deconstructed

How Louis CK Tells A Joke

Kintsugi: The Art of Embracing Damage

How (And Why) Donald Trump Tweets

The Nerdwriter on Youtube.

‘Too late’ gratification

‘Too late’ gratification

The four fundamental responses